Cutthroat Athletics Kick Off This Fall! - Emily Boettger ‘20

Our fellow cutthroats have been giving their all out on the Sage Willow Feilds as well as in the Fish Tank! And although we are nearing the end of our fall sports season, our cutthroat athletes have been fighting hard since August to be where they are thus far, and the future is looking bright! Both soccer teams will kick off their district tournaments this weekend in Twin Falls, and will likely advance to compete in the state tournament October 18th through 20th which will also be hosted in Twin Falls! Our volleyball players have another week of games and then start their district tournament on October 13th and may move on to compete in the state tournament starting on the 26th! The cross country runners will have their district meet on the 17th, and also have the possibility of moving on to compete in the state meet on the 27th in Lewiston! Get out and support your fellow cutthroats in their upcoming endeavors!

The boy's soccer team has only lost two games this year and only one in conference game. Sadly they were defeated by the Wolverines, the defending state champs, in their annual friendly match. They also lost a match to Buhl after a tough fight, but beat them 5-0 the last time they played them! The boys are currently the top seed for their district with a conference record of 15-1 and an overall record of 16-2. Co-captain Peter Morawitz expressed his excitement about the season saying, “We’re doing great! We’ve got a great group of boys playing out there, and we’ve got very high expectations about how we will do this coming weekend in districts, and in the state tournament!”

Girls Soccer has been extremely successful this season! They still stand undefeated and are headed into their district tournament this weekend as the top seed! The girls have fought hard all season, particularly in their annual game versus Wood River where they ended up winning 5-0! Co-captain Eliza Marks said, “We’re really excited to be heading into our tournaments undefeated and are excited to push ourselves against the more challenging teams in the state tournament!”

Our volleyball players have had unprecedented success this season! The JV team currently has three wins under their belt, and the varsity team has two. Sadly neither varsity win was an in conference game so their in conference record is still 0-5. However, the girls are optimistic about their upcoming games! “We’ve come so far, and all of our players play with such passion and heart! We are having a ton of fun this season, and hope to have some really successful games this coming week!” said varsity co-captain Elena Guyly. JV co-captain Tallulah Gilbreath seconds Elena’s excitement, “We’re doing great! JV is having a ton of fun, and our gameplay has come so far! We are working together as a team to excel, and are optimistic about our upcoming games!”

The cross country runners are also doing well! Seniors Joe Hall and Katherine Estep are leading the charge as the only two runners that have competed thus far. However, they are expected to be joined by the rest of their team at their upcoming district and state meets!