Winter Schedule Revealed–Emily Boettger '20

*Disclaimer. This article is an opinion piece by a Cutthroat Underground writer and is not meant to be an objective piece.

For months we have been hearing rumors about a new winter schedule and what it may look like. Teachers and students alike have been anxiously speculating about what it would entail, it was even worked into the musical (huge props to everyone that was involved, the show was fantastic!). Mr. Kevin Campbell has been hard at work on this schedule since he got here in July and finally, after many drafts, he revealed to us the finalized version in last Monday’s assembly. The schedule featured many aspects we have been predicting or rather were told about by our wonderful and at times too transparent teachers, such as the A day/B day format quite opposite to the one we have now in our seven-day schedule and the built-in “study hall” periods throughout the week. As predicted, there has been a variety of responses to these changes and while some are more than on board with testing out this new schedule, others are not so excited about it.

I personally am a fan of the schedule. Hear me out. The new schedule is so much more predictable. Because of the set schedule for each day, it will be 100 times easier to figure out what classes you will miss if you are missing large chunks of school. Along with the predictable daily schedule, it is also going to be easier to schedule meeting with teachers whose classes you have missed. The built-in “advisor/study hall” period will make my world and everyone’s matter so much better. This build in work period provides both the teachers and students the opportunity to get work done at school during the day that usually they would have to do at home. It also provides the option for students to get one-on-one or small group study time with their teachers. As of now, it is very hard to find a time when it works for both the teacher and student to meet one-on-one unless they share a free period, and this dilemma gets even greater when there is more than one student that the teacher needs to meet with. This often results in the students and teacher losing free time outside of the school day that could be spent with family, friends, or outside enjoying our valley.

With the new schedule, you will not have to lose your a free period or a chunk of time outside of school to make up tests or catch up on work you have missed. Even though many of us are seeing this extra amount of free time in our day as a nuisance because it is not an actual class, I believe we may grow to value that part of our day equally to, or more than, a class period because it will allow us to focus on the classes we are worried about with the corresponding teachers and be productive in an environment conducive to learning. Additionally, it will help us free up our time outside of school for non-school related activities , principally winter sports. I do understand that the hour and ten-minute classes may get exhaustive, and having all seven classes on Mondays may make it hard to stay engaged, but I agree with Kevin that at least for the winter term this schedule seems to check more boxes than our old one did. The only way to find out is to test it so let’s see how this goes!

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