A New Schedule and Plenty of Free Time - Jasper Mott '20

As Upper School students are well aware, there was a new winter schedule introduced earlier this academic year. With the intention of giving skiers more time to train and be on the mountain, the new layout sticks with the classic 1:30pm release. Still, the fresh arrangement offers 70 minute classes Tuesday-Friday. Are students happy about this newly designed schedule?

Junior Rylee Whorton has mixed feelings about the schedule. She said, “I don’t mind the new schedule, but I miss the rotation of classes. I don’t like how short lunch is, either…”

In addition, we now have 90 spare minutes for Advisory/ Study Hall and Activity, which are unique additions to this year’s winter term.

Current senior Miriam Gilman added to the schedule debate, saying, “I like the schedule, although I don’t do much with all the free time. I like that there is more time to talk to teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I dislike not having advisory in the morning, because sometimes you just need coffee instead.”

It appears that the general consensus about the schedule is that there is either too much, or too little time during certain phases of the day. Over all, I think students are adapting well to the new groove of the winter routine.