Fall Trips - Cailin Chandler '19

Grade 9: River Trip

What’s more exciting than starting off your high school career by floating miles upon miles down the Salmon River of Idaho? The freshman pushed off into the year with several rafts to partake in an exciting river bound adventure. Unforgettable canyon sunsets, crisp mornings, appetizing meals, riveting rapids, and even raft waterslides are just a few of the unforgettable parts of the Salmon River trip. Whether you’re on a paddle board, paddle boat, duckie, or kayak, this excursion is extremely unique to Sun Valley Community School’s Outdoor Program.

Grade 10: Coast Trip

Coast, one of the most anticipated Upper School trips, is sure to be upon the most memorable outdoor experiences of your life. Sophomores backpack for 5 days alone the long, sandy, alluring beaches and forests of Washington. No matter the route you take down the coast line, the views are beautiful and the beaches are pristine. There’s nothing like seeing the rich oranges and yellows of the sun setting on the coast, while enjoying some sandy mac and cheese.

Grade 11: Sawtooth Trip

Close to home, The Sawtooth trip takes 11th graders to Redfish Lake for 5 days of fun outdoor activities. This years trip had a trial run of canoeing across the lake, and thankfully there were no over-boards. Upon arrival at camp, students found themselves at home in three different groups (Green, Blue, and Red) at a large campsite. Firstly, students got the chance to summit the slabs of Red Fish’s rocks via harness, carabiners, and a lot of rope. The stunning view of the lake and mountains from the top is well worth the climb. Secondly, each perspective group got a day to explore the delectable pastries at the Bakery, explore old mining towns, a hot springs, and a few mysterious graveyards.

Grade 12: Seniors don’t have an official trip but most take the time during this week to go visit colleges. If they do not visit schools, they are at school and working on college application process or senior projects.