Each week, the Cutthroat Underground profiles a student and teacher from the Upper School.


Bruce O'Donnell

Camille Cookston ‘20

Hometown: Hood River, Oregon

Grade: 9th

Star Sign: Libra

The Questions

CC: “What is your favorite genre of music? Do you like pop, jazz, classical etc.”

BO: “I mostly listen to hip hop and rap, but also a little bit of everything.”

CC: “What’s your dream job? If you could do anything in the world and be paid to do it, what would you do?”

BO: “Well, I would want to get paid to ski, but if it's an actual job, probably a graphic designer.”

CC: “Have you always lived in Sun Valley? If not, where else have you lived before?”

BO: “No, I moved from Hood River, Oregon right before the school year.”

CC: “Name the top three things on your bucket list.”

BO: “Living in Norway for a few months, skiing and traveling to Japan, and getting a pet raccoon.”


Hannah Loeb

Faye Prekeges ’19

The Facts

Hometown: Wallingford, Connecticut

Subject: English 10, English electives

College: Yale University

Star Sign: Scorpio

The Questions

FP: “If you could live in a book, which book would it be?”

HL: “Um, okay. I would like to live in Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolfe. Because it’s a book like, in which you live perpetually in anticipation of some impending moment of beauty. I like to anticipate moments of beauty more than I like to experience them. Lets see, I wouldn’t be able to hack it in Moby Dick so I shouldn’t even say that. I would want to be a fly on the wall, but not actually experience it. Yea, my answer is Mrs. Dalloway.”

FP: “If you ran for president, what would your slogan be?”

HL: “Oh my gosh! My slogan would be, ‘Stop having children you ninnies! It’s all over!’ No, that’s too depressing. My slogan would also be, um, ‘Art for arts sake!’ I think I like the second one better.

FP: “Do you have any special/hidden talents?”

HL: “Not really, I feel like everything I’m good at I’ve turned into my life. You know what I mean? Everything else I’m terrible at. I guess I am really good at Settlers of Catan cause I’m really good at lying and board games. Also I can scat, bottom of my resume it says I can scat sing, jazz!

FP: “If you got another pig, what would you name it and why?”

HL: “Good question! It’s going to be all Harry Potter names because we already have Petunia and Vernon, and it’s going to be antagonists because we’re going to kill them and don’t want to be killing Lily Potter. That’d be too much, it’s like killing Harry’s mother. So, I think one of our next pigs will be named Luscious and then Narcissa. I like the idea that they can be in pairs. Maybe like, Dolores, could be a cute pig name.


Sarah Forzley

Lizzy Vanderkloot ‘19

The Facts

Hometown: South Windsor, Connecticut

Subject area: French 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

College: Carleton College

Star sign: Gemini

The Questions

LV: “What was your first impression of CS?”

SF: “The first person I met was Richard, so you can imagine what that would be like. He was so funny and excited and I was really tired, so he was the perfect person to meet coming off the plane. It was also snowing so that was a good sign.”

LV: “If you were about to drop a mixtape what would you title it and how woudl you distribute it?”

SF: “I would title it Bryce and Zion, and I would use Instagram or I would like, bike around and pass out CDs.”  

LV: “What are you most looking forward to this year?”

SF: “I am looking forward to all the changes we have during the year. Fall seems like a traditional school, and winter will be different with ½ days and skiers being absent. It may be challenging, but I’m excited for it. I’ve also been reading senior project proposals and I’m really excited for those. Each term is so different, it makes working here exciting. You always get to try something new weather it's the change of term or the trips!”


William Paquette

By Camille Cookston ’20

The Facts

Name: William Paquette

Home Town: Montreal, Canada

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Grade: 11th

The Questions

CC: “What made you want to come to the Community School?”

WP: “Sun Valley is a great place to ski. A lot of people in Boise (where my uncle lives) are talking about the skiing in SV, which led to us learning about the existence of Community School.”

CC: “What sports do you do?”

WP: “I am an alpine skier.”

CC: “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”

WP: “Chocolate.”

CC: “Would you rather have fingers as legs or legs as fingers?”

WP: “Fingers as legs cause I could be a monkey.”


Each week, the Cutthroat Underground profiles a student and teacher from the Upper School.


Sophie Bury

Faye Prekeges-’19

The Facts

Name: Sophie Bury

Grade: 11th

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Star Sign: Pisces

The Questions

FP: “What's your favorite part about Community School–as a new student–so far?”

SB: “Everyone is super welcoming and the teachers are very cool here. It’s really fun to experience something different from what I had at home.

FP: “Tell us a highlight or anecdote from your fall trip".”

SB: I love sitting around the fire with my group. We had kids from other groups come around to sit and hang out with us, and had awesome conversations. The ability to bond with my classmates really made the experience.”


Tyler Hill

Johnny Hagenbuch ‘19

The Facts

Name: Tyler Thomas Hill

Teacher: Physics

Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois

The Questions

JH: “When were you born?”

TH: “I have been alive for approximately 242,208 hours.”

JH: “Did you have a childhood affinity for anything (eg. dinosaurs, trains, planes, etc.)?”

TH: “All of the books on fighter jets at my local library were checked out by me at one point or another.”

JH: “What was your favorite sport growing up?”

TH: “Football. I have played or coached for almost 20 years.”

JH: “Where did you go to university?”

TH: '“Macalister College in St. Paul, MN.”

JH: “Where were you living prior to coming to Sun Valley?”

TH: “Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.”

JH: “What were you doing there?”

TH: “Teaching, Coaching, and Living in the Dorm.”

JH: “What drew you to our school and area?”

TH: “I got a text message from a friend who was also job hunting that asked me if I wanted to move to Idaho to which I responded: What’s in Idaho? Then she sent me the job description and I was like, Physics and Adventures? Where do I sign up!”

JH: “What was your first impression of the school?”

TH: “Richard picked me up from the airport with roughly 2 pounds of candied ginger.”

JH: “What is your spirit animal?”

TH: “Do you mean Patronus or Spirit animal? My patronus is an Osprey but I’d like to think my spirit animal would be a sconce more playful. Although my Chinese Zodiac is a sheep so...”

JH: “Do you like peanut butter?”

TH: “Wait, there are people who don’t like peanut butter AND aren’t allergic?”